BUTIK’s goal was to better understand their shoppers’ behavior across physical stores and digital touchpoints. This included:

• The percentage of the audience that only shopped online or in store
• When an offline shopper first used their digital channel
• Segmentation of audiences based on behaviors
• Increasing customer loyalty & company revenue

To achieve this BUTIK needed to align its communications and user journey across all media touchpoints and provide the consumer with simple and consistent user experience.


Criteo’s technology enables smart product recommendations based not only on the online behavior, but also offline sales.

By combining data from more sources, Criteo offers a richer picture as to how shoppers behave across more channels. This enabled a better performance and more personalized targeting.

This wouldn’t have been possible without Criteo’s omnichannel solution. Criteo’s personalized dynamic banners also allowed us to attract customers who previously only shopped offline into our online store.


  • 27% Higher conversion rate
  • Cost of Sale reduced by 8%
  • 8% Increase of web traffic from offline shoppers
  • Cost Per Order reduced by 21%

“With Criteo’s industry leading technologies we were able to get a deeper understanding of our audience, and most importantly, identify those who were visiting the website for the first time, and understand their shopping behavior.”

Olga Artamonova, Digital Marketing Director


Higher Conversion Rate


Increase of web traffic from offline shoppers


Cost of Sale reduced by 8%


Cost Per Order reduced by 21%