Global beverage alcohol leader Diageo had seen strong sales and Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) in an initial test campaign with Criteo Sponsored Products. Now, moving forward with their first yearlong campaign, they hoped to:

  • Incorporate key insights from the test run into the new campaign
  • Achieve even higher returns than those seen in the trial
  • End the year with a competitive ecommerce advantage over others in their industry


Because Diageo already had strong organic positioning in their core listing categories, Criteo recommended cross-selling (i.e., ad placements outside of the spirits category) using Bid Multipliers functionality, where brands can increase or decrease campaign Cost-per-Click (CPC) bids for different ad-placement types.

This strategy allowed Diageo to wield comprehensive ad inventory placements across Category, Department, Aisle and Shelf page types, ensuring they would reach potential customers throughout their shopping journey, including both Search- and Browse-based shopping missions.


In Q4 alone, Diageo’s yearlong 2015 Criteo Sponsored Products campaign:

  • Drove sales and brand awareness by generating nearly 90 million impressions via Criteo Sponsored Products
  • Boosted overall campaign ROAS by 4,000%
  • Delivered up to 6,000% ROAS for individual product lines like Smirnoff and Baileys
  • Saw 40% of campaign-related sales coming from non-spirit cross-sell categories





of Criteo sales came from cross-sell placements