Lavinia was created in 1999 to introduce a revolutionary concept into the world of wine distribution: a space going beyond the traditional wine cellar that approaches wine from a cultural perspective, and is focused on the end consumer with a philosophy combining teaching, purchase experience and respect for wine.

Lavinia’s challenge was to re-engage with previous visitors (both online and offline) to showcase their products, offers, wine courses, events…and transform those prospects into clients. Their goal was to maximize ROI at no more than a 30% COS, and to be as un-intrusive as possible to avoid ad fatigue.


Criteo Dynamic Retargeting helped Lavinia achieve their goals with this winning formula: relevant ad, right media, right time, right device, right price. The Criteo Engine that powers Criteo Dynamic Retargeting only served ads when and where a shopper was most likely to buy, which ensured that visitors weren’t overwhelmed with ads, and that Lavinia maximized their budget. The easy-to-use platform also enabled Lavinia to manage the day-to-day on their own, after the initial start-up period.


  • +70% sales
  • -18% COS year on year

“We’ve been working with Criteo for 3 years. Their retargeting campaigns are key to retaining our clients and increasing our sales by converting new customers as well. We have a really close relationship with our account strategist who have been very helpful throughout the years. Thanks to them, I can dedicate more time on other tasks of my marketing strategy.”

–Julian Ribalda, Director of e-Commerce, Lavinia




COS year on year