Mountain House has a key window of time to appeal to campers, ensuring their 30-day Outdoor Adventure Meal Kits make it into backpacks all over the US. Their objective was to increase awareness among shoppers visiting retailers that carry a large selection of their products, and push them down the purchase funnel to conversion.


Mountain House developed an omnichannel campaign with multiple touch points to communicate the promotion direct to potential consumers at various levels of the purchase funnel. It was included in a mailer and an email campaign sent to shoppers and Criteo developed a Sponsored Products campaign to increase exposure close to the point of purchase. The Sponsored Products campaign ran throughout the month of June and appeared on homepages (to drive awareness) and also within “Emergency Kits & Supplies” merchandising pages for those in market for the specific product category. Criteo Sponsored Products cross-sell tools gave them placements on complementary product pages so that those shopping for tents and hiking gear were encouraged to buy.


By partnering with Criteo, Mountain House was able to:

  • Sell three times more units in June than in the previous 5 months combined
  • Achieve a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 1,768%

“In total, we sold more units of the 30-day kits during the month of June than all 5 months preceding it. June actually sold 3x more units than all of January–May. With the placements we got, we encouraged shoppers at all stages of the process to click ‘add to cart’. Criteo helped make our summer campaigns successful and we look forward to continuing to expand our presence as the seasons dictate.”

– Nga Ho, Marketing Analyst, OFD Foods, LLC


More units sold in June than previous 5 months


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

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