How Regatta engages customers across the funnel with SingleView and Criteo

Increase in ROAS
Increase in Criteo revenue with SingleView
Increase in conversion rate

Manchester-born outdoor clothing and lifestyle company, Regatta, has been rising the ranks since they were founded in 1981 to become one of Europe’s top leisure brands. Offering a vast array of products from athletic gear to footwear and apparel, Regatta appeals to many audiences, including outdoor enthusiasts and beyond.

Regatta was looking to optimize their advertising strategy across the consumer journey and teamed up with Criteo and SingleView to not only deliver relevant and engaging ads, but also holistically measure their campaigns with multi-touch attribution.

Reaching and re-engaging audiences

Regatta first aimed to increase traffic to their sites through a consideration-focused advertising campaign, leveraging Criteo’s advanced AI to target their highest-value potential customers and deliver the most relevant message.

Matt Aikenhead, Paid Acquisition Manager at Regatta, says that the consideration campaigns drive “significant uplift in relevant traffic” and he considers them to be “a crucial tool for us from a brand awareness perspective.”

Criteo then employed a conversion-focused dynamic retargeting campaign to bring audiences back to the site to make a purchase. Both campaigns proved to draw high-quality audiences to the site. Claire Isbister, Digital Marketing Manager at Regatta, says, “We actually chose to invest more in Criteo and it makes up about 10% of our sessions now onsite.”

To further increase the efficacy and efficiency of their campaigns, Regatta also leveraged Criteo’s automated bidding solution to automatically adjust the campaign based on preferred parameters. This helps Regatta save time as it eliminates the need to manually adjust cost-per-clicks (CPCs). Aikenhead exclaims, “We put a lot of trust in Criteo’s automated bidding so we could focus our attention on other channels, as well, and we’ve been duly rewarded.”

Multi-click attribution measurement with SingleView

For a data-driven brand like Regatta, the advertising campaign was only the start. They also wanted to accurately measure these campaigns with SingleView in order to best understand and optimize their strategy.

SingleView founder, Mark Kuhillow, details, “With today’s complex user journeys, [last click attribution] is simply no longer ‘fit for purpose’ as a metric as it masks the value driven by media touchpoints further up the funnel. SingleView gives absolute transparency as to where the value is driven in user engagements in an algorithmically-driven, neutral manner.”

Isbister agrees, citing that “Having SingleView on board, we’ve really been able to see the value of the upper mid-funnel activity. By using Singleview, we can actually see incremental benefit.” Aikenhead echoes, “The fact that we can measure the impact of the upper funnel activity helps us measure success and understand how it plays its part in all the digital channels.”

Finding success and scaling up

With this full-funnel approach to drive both consideration and conversion, Regatta saw massive success. Aikenhead explains, “We were immediately impressed with what Criteo was delivering… and we quickly made the decision to scale up.”

He goes on to say, “Reaching these new users and driving the traffic, [we were] not necessarily expecting to hit a really great ROAS, but we’ve seen ROAS that has been really good for us. And especially how we’ve tied that into SingleView… it’s been really, really key for us.”

For the future, Aikenhead explains Regatta is open to testing both online and offline solutions to take a more omnichannel approach as more stores reopen and foot traffic increases.

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