Stella Fietsen

They needed more efficiency

In a nation where bicycles outnumber residents, Stella Fietsen has emerged as the leading e-bike manufacturer in the Netherlands.

This was no small feat. Currently, three out of every ten bicycles sold in the Netherlands are e-bikes. Stella Fietsen competed against well-known, established brands to become the market leader in under a decade. So, what was next for the innovative brand?

“Stella was looking for a way to use dynamic retargeting for our lead generation efforts,” said Pascal de Bodt, online advertising specialist at Stella Fietsen. A more efficient solution would free up time and resources for Stella Fietsen’s marketing team, but they had to find the right partner first.

So they went on a search for the right retargeting partner

Before choosing Criteo as its retargeting partner, Stella was working with a different retargeter. To determine the more efficient solution, Stella Fietsen measured the performance of both Criteo Dynamic Retargeting and the other retargeter in a head-to-head test.

Criteo delivered better performance, so Stella Fietsen moved forward with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting.

“Criteo enabled us to reach very relevant customers with a high intent of buying,” said de Bodt. “And the close contact with our account strategist ensured we met business goals.”

The biggest benefit of working with Criteo was having a dedicated account strategist. This was something that Stella Fietsen missed from their previous retargeter. Criteo’s automation was also a major benefit that saved Stella Fietsen valuable time.

And rode home impressive results

Stella Fietsen’s CPA (cost-per-action) decreased by 30% compared to the brand’s previous retargeting tool. The Criteo campaign also delivered more last-click conversions for Stella Fietsen.

“The most important thing for Stella is efficiency,” says de Bodt. “With Criteo, we managed to lower our cost-per-action, while not losing any conversions. We managed this together with Criteo in a very competitive market.”

Based on this campaign’s success, Stella Fietsen is looking into Criteo’s other awareness, consideration, and conversion solutions to engage customers across devices and throughout the buying journey.

Check out how Criteo’s retargeting solution works.


Decrease in cost-per-action