Sephora (CDR)


Sephora wanted to continue to connect with shoppers throughout their buying journey and encourage them to revisit and complete their unfinished purchase on the site.


Sephora launched Criteo Dynamic Retargeting to achieve their goals. They also implemented a performance optimizer called ARO, Adaptive Revenue Optimization, which sets CPC bids according to their specific ROI goal.

At Criteo’s suggestion, Sephora also added a coupon to communicate the offers: “Free Shipping on orders over $129 and up to 10 installments without interest”.

How it works:

  • Highly customized ads showed products that consumers were most interested in at the time they were most likely to convert.
  • A coupon was included in campaign banners to communicate the offers: “Free Shipping from $ 129.00” and “installment up to 10 times without interest”.
  • ARO, Adaptive Revenue Optimization, was used to set bids according to the ROI goal, i.e. the Criteo Engine began to analyze and understand the value that each bid would need to be set at to meet demand without sacrificing performance.
  • Kinetic Design dynamically created tailor-made ads for each consumer while maintaining brand integrity to deliver unmatched engagement.


  • +223% ROI in the first month of the campaign

“The retargeting campaign from Criteo allowed us to achieve a higher sales volume within our goal and through the bid optimizer we were able to further improve the result of the campaign with machine learning. In addition, we saw that communicating free shipping and installment made more people buy in Sephora and was also improving the average sales order.”

–Simone Sancho, Digital Marketing & CRM Executive, LATAM, Sephora


ROI in the first month of the campaign