Tophatter is a fast, entertaining auction site for mobile shoppers, connecting its sellers to 20+ million consumers around the world. The company wanted to increase revenue by enticing current customers to engage with and make more frequent purchases within the app.


Tophatter deployed Criteo App Retargeting to generate more purchase activity and revenue from its current customers as well as those who have never made a purchase. Its retargeting campaign served personalized ads featuring relevant product recommendations and targeted customers who had purchased within the previous 60 days.

AppsFlyer, Tophatter’s attribution platform of choice, provided the attribution data fueling the retargeting campaign optimization while providing valuable insights into the campaigns’ performance.

Within the first year of working with Criteo and AppsFlyer, Tophatter saw a 6.6x lift in revenue from existing users and customers.

How it works:

  • With Criteo’s technology, Tophatter retargeted shoppers who had visited their app in the past 60 days.
  • Highly personalized ads displayed the Tophatter auctions and products that a shopper was most likely to find interesting.
  • Criteo’s machine-learning technology continually improved campaign performance, increasing activity and revenue.
  • AppsFlyer provided rich in-app event data which helps Criteo effectively and efficiently target users with relevant ads.


  • 6.6x lift in revenue

“Criteo proved to be a reliable and efficient retargeting channel that delivered impactful results quickly for Tophatter, utilizing attribution data from AppsFlyer to optimize personalized ads.”

–Cindy Yim, Digital Marketing Manager, Tophatter


Lift in revenue