Here at Criteo, we publish weekly insights about how coronavirus is impacting retail purchasing trends. Now with more than six weeks of national social distancing measures under our belts, we wanted to take a look back at an entire month’s worth of data—starting from about when US lockdowns first began, in mid-March—to see what product categories have been growing the most.

In this infographic, you’ll see some of the most trending products, from Pasta Sauce to Rocking Chairs, Video Game Software to Hair Clippers & Trimmers. Take a look at how the social distancing economy has been influencing consumer behavior, including the products Americans are buying today, and how things like remote working and exercising are huge factors when it comes to what, and who, they’re thinking about shopping for:

  • Home Office

    • More people are setting up home offices, driving an interest in products that help workers stay connected, comfortable, and efficient, like Wireless Access Points, Audio & Video Cable Adapters, Webcams, and USB & FireWire Hubs.
  • Home Cooking

    • With most restaurants closed except for takeout, home cooked meals have taken on new importance. Cooking Oils, Cheese, Nut Butters, Fruits & Vegetables, and Baking Supplies have been on lots of grocery lists. More niche groceries like Tofu, Soy & Vegetarian items, also made it into shopping carts.
  • Pet Love

    • Sales of pet gear continue to impress, with Grooming, Bird, Cat, and Dog Supplies all heavily represented. Pet Flea & Tick Control, Pet Training Aids, and Pet Leashes also made the list.
  • Solo Fitness

    • Consumers are honing their solo fitness routines, with Inline & Roller Skates, Bicycle Accessories, Exercise Benches, and General Purpose Athletic Equipment making a strong showing.
  • Summer Days

    • Warmer weather is coming and cooped up citizens are ready for more time in the open air — even if it’s just from their backyard. Outdoor Furniture, including tables, benches, and sunloungers, and Folding Chairs & Stools are near the top of the list.

Download your copy of the infographic here.

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