If you’re in digital marketing, retargeting is probably already a key piece of your marketing mix. Retargeting campaigns can especially help when you’re trying to get back in touch with shoppers.

And today, that means your ads have to be present on more channels than just display. Shoppers are watching YouTube, switching between apps, and spending a lot of time on social networks. So having personalized, relevant content at each of these touchpoints is critical.

In our first eBook, Retargeting 101, we covered the basics around retargeting technology. In Retargeting 201, we dive into the more advanced tactics around retargeting campaigns.

In “Retargeting 201: In-App, Social, and Video”, you’ll learn:

  • How machine learning builds next-generation retargeting personalization
  • Retargeting examples for apps, social media, and video
  • What KPIs you should use when measuring results

Download the ebook here!

Betty Ho

Originally from Orange County, CA, Betty moved to New York in 2013 for a two-year creative writing program and never left. When not writing for Criteo Insights she can be found at a handful of $1 Oyster Happy Hours in Manhattan. She loves dogs but doesn’t have one.

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