Why Criteo? Behind the scenes of our culture video shoot

A lot of companies talk about building a strong culture, but at Criteo, we take it to heart. And like the data-driven company we are, we’ve backed our culture ...
Updated on February 22, 2023

A lot of companies talk about building a strong culture, but at Criteo, we take it to heart. And like the data-driven company we are, we’ve backed our culture with research.

Our People Team interviewed Criteos from leadership to new hires to find out exactly what makes Criteo’s global community so special. Sure, we get free massages, yoga and Pilates classes, cold brews, and more healthy free snacks than are probably…well, healthy. And sure, we throw some mind-blowing company parties. But those perks are not what makes Criteos some of the happiest employees around.

Criteo’s number one perk?

Our people!

Some common words Criteos used to describe one another? Passionate, humble, fearless, brilliant, collaborative, interesting, and FUN.

But how do you show this to the rest of the world? Andreea Diçu, our Culture Brand Director traveled to five offices across three continents with a small production team to capture Criteo’s exuberant global culture on film.

The secret sauce to a great culture is hiring great people, but here’s the recipe for an only-at-Criteo culture showcase video:

1. 27,116 km traveled in 9 days

Criteo Culture

Our small crew of creative minds on our Paris rooftop. Our Director, middle, is also part of a London indie electro bandFrom left to right: Ciaran Spencer, Photographer. Amer Patel, Director. Brian Strange, DOP.

2. Two epic nerf guns wars

Criteo culture nerf gun war

A scene from the nerf gun battle in the Paris office. Go-Pros and a drone were used to capture all the flying darts.

3. One exec on board (or on a one-wheel, actually)

Gregory Gazane, EVP Global Revenue and Operations rolls through the office to take a break with Warhol.

4. Countless cupcakes

For the cupcake scene, we needed volunteer hand models. Fun fact: The film shows Criteos passing cupcakes from London to Paris to New York to Tokyo.

5. One hoverboard-powered ergonomic office chair

Gareth Jones, Workplace Experience Manager, London using his preferred way of navigating the office and thinking hard about not ever walking.

6. One Criteo in a penguin suit

Marc Mota, Accounts Payable Paris, not smiling because penguins don’t.

7. Two offices, one virtual ping-pong game.

Our global ping pong champion in Tokyo, Account Strategist, Keisuke Kajiwara.

8. And last but not least… 250+ talented Criteos to act and perform stunts!* 

Watch the video below!

Interested in joining our awesome team? Check out our careers page here, and browse our Culture Hub for more Criteo Culture updates!

*Only two Criteos were injured during the filming of this video. One got a nerf gun dart to the eye, the other missed a bean bag. Both got cupcakes and are fine now.
Betty Ho

Originally from Orange County, CA, Betty moved to New York in 2013 for a two-year creative writing program and never left. When not writing for Criteo Insights she can be found at a handful of $1 Oyster Happy Hours in Manhattan. She loves dogs but doesn’t have one.

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