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Super Bowl LI: Digital Retail & Search Report


4K TVs, Brady jerseys, and eGroceries: how Super Bowl-related search terms and football fans’ online shopping carts scored this year on major retail sites.

The 51st Super Bowl was a major milestone both on the field and online. Millions of searches were conducted and products related to the Super Bowl were purchased through ecommerce. Carts were filled to the brim with snack food, beverages and beer – with cart sizes that rivaled Black Friday 2016.

This report tracks how relevant product search terms fluctuated in the weeks leading up to and during this year’s big game, to give online retailers insight on current ecommerce trends and best practices for the next big game.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Which food and beverage items were searched for the most across the biggest online retailers like Walmart, Target, Fresh Direct, Instacart, Peapod and more
  • The teams and individual athletes that performed best, product search-wise, in the days leading up to the big showdown (hint: though Brady ruled for jerseys, Falconsruled overall)
  • Which new features are driving consumers to upgrade their televisions

Kathryn Koegel is a journalist and market researcher whose specialty is telling stories with data. She’s an avowed mar tech and CE geek who has covered topics like interactive advertising best practices for brands and mobile commerce for Ad Age. Her current fixation is how voice and AI will change how we live at home as well as shop.

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