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P2PI Announces Retail Media Awards Winners

After combing through a plethora of nominations, the Path to Purchase Institute is proud to reveal the top 25 commerce marketers pioneering retail media through our inaugural Retail Media Awards program. The awards recognize innovative leaders across brands, retailers, agencies and solutions providers who are effectively leveraging or helping others leverage retail media for successful digital and omnichannel campaigns.

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From Olympic Athlete to Criteo CEO: Megan Clarken’s Journey to Transforming Adtech

Megan Clarken shares her unique background, going from a woman with no college degree to an Olympic athlete and finally to the CEO of Criteo. She discusses her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the tech industry based on her experiences of discrimination.

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“Phygital” Isn’t Just a Strategy, It’s the Only Strategy for Retailers

The fully integrated commerce future is here. A recent study showed over 27% of millennials will increase their online spending in 2023, while half of Gen Z shoppers, who spend more time on digital channels than perhaps any other age group, favor in-store shopping. The tug of war between e-commerce-specific strategies and brick-and-mortar storefronts will continue as spending power across all demographics grows. So how can retailers cater to so many preferences as the intersection of online and offline continues to blend? The answer: a “phygital” marketing strategy.

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Criteo (CRTO) CEO On Earnings & Commerce Media

Criteo (CRTO) is a commerce media company and operates in approximately 90 countries in Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific regions. CEO, Megan Clarken gives an overview of the company and discusses its latest earnings. CRTO's 1Q revenue came in at $220.62M versus an estimated $213.39 and its adjusted EPS came in at $0.46 versus an estimated $0.25. CRTO sees 1Q adjusted EBITDA between $46M-$50M. Megan also talks about how CRTO has partnerships with Uber, ASOS, BrandCrush, and Shopify. She then goes over the outlook for CRTO. Tune in to find out more about the stock market today.

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Uber Eats Expands Ads in Move to Spur Grocery Business

Uber is expanding its ad offerings on Uber Eats, now allowing consumer packaged goods marketers– including PepsiCo– to highlight sponsored products within the app.

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How AI Enables Brands to Transform the Consumer Experience

A brand’s success no longer hinges on just having a superior product or a competitive price. Because of the need for digital immediacy in this channel-less day and age, consumers expect excellent experiences whenever and wherever they shop.

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DOOH, CTV: From Something Old to Something New

The growth of DOOH and CTV advertising tells a story about how brands are adapting in the cookie-less, multi-device world.

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The Split-Brain Budget Mindset: Why Consumers Remain Eager to Get the Best Value for Their Money

Consumers are still looking for ways to shop smart and save due to overall economic uncertainty. According to a recent survey with over 2,000 U.S. consumers, many respondents are showing what’s known as the “split-brain budget mindset” and are feeling empowered to shop creatively to maximize the spending power they have in the moment.

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What’s Actually Going On Behind Retail Media Network Walls?

American retailers now see themselves as media companies with their own ad impressions, audiences and valuable data. But in their publisher guise, retailers are in a strange and giddy situation. They aren’t investing in content creation and yet still have more advertiser demand than they do worthwhile supply.

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Digital Experiences, Product Differentiation, and Wearables Drive Consumer Luxury Spending

According to the 2023 PWC Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, 63% of consumers are holding back on non-essential spending. According to a Criteo survey, despite consumers general reluctance to spend, luxury spending is on the rise. The survey found that 70% of high-income shoppers are spending the same or more on luxury goods while 54% of low- to middle-income shoppers have similar plans to do the same.

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Asos Enlists Criteo to Scale Retail Media Network, Support Ad Sales

Asos has named Criteo its exclusive ad-tech partner for endemic brand advertising as the online fashion giant builds out its retail media network, according to a press release.

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Criteo Digs Deeper Into Retail Through Partnership, Acquisition

The commerce media company Criteo on Tuesday announced a three-year retail media advertising agreement to become the exclusive partner for brands advertising across ASOS, a global online fashion destination.