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Cyber Monday Shoppers Largely Wait Until the End of the Day to Buy

Internet Retailer shares a detailed look at Criteo data around holiday shopping, showing how Thanksgiving generated the greatest year-over-year growth in terms of online purchasers.

In The News

E-tailers Win Big on Cyber Monday

Business Insider provides an analysis on why Cyber Monday reached record-breaking sales this year, featuring Criteo findings that indicate the jump in the number of purchasers helped boost sales.

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Cyber Monday Keeps Retailers on a Holiday High

WWD highlights how omnichannel strategies are helping to drive and revitalize the retail industry.

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Why PayPal and Amazon Might Be Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s Biggest Winners

TheStreet provides an overview of why PayPal and Amazon might be Black Friday and Cyber Monday's biggest winners and features Criteo data showing the increase in mobile sales this year.

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7 Lessons from Cyber Monday

Retail Dive takes a look at some of the biggest takeaways from Cyber Monday, sharing Criteo’s findings around how transactions and number of shoppers increased as compared with the previous year.

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Black Friday Physical Store Sales Turn Out Better Than Expected

In a look at how physical stores registered better conversion rates than expected on Black Friday, Value Walk shares Criteo data on mobile sales.

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Amazon Hits New 52-Week High on Solid Cyber Monday Sales

Online sales on Black Friday broke all-time record in 2017 and 40% of the purchases were made from mobile devices, according to Criteo data.

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2017 Holiday Shopping Results: eCommerce is a Boon to Retail on the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year

Shoppers are getting more and more comfortable with bigger online purchases. According to Criteo, Thanksgiving Day shoppers spent $24 more than on an average website visit compared to last year.

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Black Friday Retail Recap: Seven Factoids That Might Surprise You

Forbes presents the most surprising findings of Black Friday 2017, highlighting Criteo’s data.

In The News

Cyber Monday Is All About Smartphone Sales This Year

Smartphone sales registered nearly half of all revenue on Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday in 2017. According to John Roswech, EVP, Brand Solutions, this year’s numbers represent the progress retailers have made to deliver the best mobile experience.

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