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Why Retailers Should Study the Social Commerce Playbook

Geoffroy Martin, EVP and GM, Growth Portfolio contributed a byline to Mobile Marketer focused on social media networks slowly but surely shifting into full-fledged commerce platforms and how retailers can benefit from taking social commerce principles and applying them to other channels.

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Maintaining New Shopper Momentum Through the Holidays

RETHINK Retail published a byline by Reggie Farina, Vice President of Mid-Market Client Strategy, discussing shifts in brand loyalty as consumers prioritize convenience and turn to new brands and retailers to get what they need.

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Dovekey Privacy Sandbox Proposal Could Represent a Mini Detente Between Google and Ad Tech

Charles-Henri Henault, VP of Product, Ads Platform and Analytics, was featured in an AdExchanger article about Google's updated interest-based targeting proposal, DOVEKEY, inspired by Criteo’s SPARROW proposal.

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Is the World’s Largest Retailer Letting Amazon Set the Rules?

Retail Dive quotes Sherry Smith, Managing Director of Retail Media, Americas at Criteo, in a piece on the launch of Walmart+ and how prescription or pharmacy benefits could also be a differentiator for Walmart to compete with Amazon.

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Why Browsers Shouldn’t Be the Gatekeepers of the Internet

AdExchanger published a byline from CTO Diarmuid Gill, discussing browsers’ influence over advertising, why the industry needs an independent, third-party to be the gatekeeper of the ads process and how the industry can realize this.

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4 Leadership Qualities Employees Want Most From Their Managers Right Now, and How To Embody Them Everyday at Work

Business Insider featured CEO Megan Clarken in a story about leadership qualities that managers should embody during this trying time to help connect with remote employees. She discusses how vital it is to be an effective communicator during any crisis.

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Criteo Names Sarah Glickman As CFO

MediaPost reports on Criteo's announcement of Sarah Glickman as Chief Financial Officer.

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People on the Move: Todd Parsons, Criteo

Todd Parsons joined Criteo as the new Chief Product Officer in August, focusing on leading and overseeing our product design and innovation roadmap. He will play a critical role in Criteo’s transformation.

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Retail Media: The New Ad Tech and the New Mall

Geoffroy Martin, EVP and GM of Growth Portfolio, spoke with Forbes about retail media being the next frontier in ad tech and how brands, retailers and consumers can benefit from retail media.

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The Ad Platform: Getting and Keeping Customers in the Social Distancing Economy

Jaysen Gillespie, VP Head of Data Science and Analytics, joined eMarketer’s podcast to discuss how to acquire versus retain customers during the pandemic, along with other marketing strategies for the social distancing economy.