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“Not Every Race is About the Finish Line”

Thrive Global published a byline from Marc Grabowski, SVP of Global Supply, surrounding the business acumens he’s been able to pull from being an ultra-marathoner and how he’s applied those life lessons to his career in advertising.

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Criteo, Mopub See 90% Jump in Conversions with In-App Native Ads

Ad-tech firm Criteo saw click-through rates (CTRs) for in-app native advertising on MoPub, the Twitter-owned mobile monetization platform, that were four times greater than for banner ads, per an announcement. Total conversions for Criteo advertisers on MoPub inventory jumped 90% in Q2 2019 from the prior year.

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Voice and Visual Search: The Next Frontier of Digital Marketing

MarTech Advisor published a byline from Suju Rajan, SVP, Head of Criteo’s AI Lab, on the power of AI in the digital marketing industry. As digital continues to evolve, marketers must find new channels to increase revenue, drive growth in commerce, and streamline the purchase journey. Suju shares how the power of artificial intelligence has brought voice and visual search optimization to the forefront of an industry ready to welcome them with open arms.

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Amazon ‘Prime Day’ Sees Success in Canada

Retail Insider’s weekend newsletter references Criteo’s Canadian Prime Day data in a section titled, “Amazon ‘Prime Day’ Sees success in Canada”. The data highlights that there was an overall increase in sales of about 24% on July 15 and a 25% increase on July 16th.

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Retail Sites Are Becoming Some of the Most Valuable Real Estate in Digital Advertising

eMarketer interviewed Geoffroy Martin, general manager and executive vice president of retail media at Criteo, as a part of its Global Ecommerce 2019 PRO View report collection. Geoffroy gives a thorough explanation of Retail Media and our multiproduct platform solution.

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Retailers Cash in on Amazon’s ‘Free Marketing’ on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is now a major marketing opportunity and shopping event in the annual calendar for other U.S. retail companies, rivaling the Thanksgiving holiday’s Black Friday as a driver of sales. According to Jaysen Gillespie, non-Amazon retailers should experience large increases both in traffic to their websites and in sales.

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Essential First-Quarter Stats for Ad Tech and Platforms

Adweek included our earnings in a piece highlighting essential first-quarter stats for ad tech companies.

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Retail App Usage Rises 50% On Year-Round Shopping, Study Says

Liftoff and Adjust's report shows that as consumers grow more comfortable on mobile, typical shopping patterns are changing. Retail app data shows that consumers worldwide are ready to spend throughout the year. Previous research from Criteo’s Mobile Commerce report also suggests traditional stores can use apps to boost in-person sales.

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Analyst Report – Forrester: Now Tech: Omnichannel Media Management, Q2 2019

Forrester analyst Joanna O'Connell published a report titled “Now Tech: Omnichannel Media Management, Q2 2019, Tools And Technology: The Omnichannel Advertising Playbook on the 14th June 2019 with co-authors Brigitte Majewski, David Novitzky and Christine Turley.
This research paper has been independently authored by Forrester and may differ from Criteo's official position, Criteo briefed Forrester and is cited.
For more context on this report, check our blog post.

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Analyst report – 451 Research: Criteo opens up its advertising platform

Senior analyst Scott Denne at industry analyst firm 451 Research, did a deep dive into Criteo’s offerings in a report published on the 22nd May 2019: “Criteo Opens Up Its Advertising Platform.”