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Criteo Hires Industry Expert To Focus On Retail Media

MediaPost conducted a Q&A with Geoffroy Martin, new global general manager of Criteo Retail Media to talk about Criteo, retail trends, and what drives his enthusiasm for technology and media. He discusses the willingness of retailers and brands to work together to provide value to each other and the growing opportunities within the market.

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Travel Will Increase Massively After Ramadan in 2019: Criteo

Alban Villani of Criteo discusses consumer behavior during the month of Ramadan, including travel trends. While online retail sales during Ramadan rose 57% in 2018, travel was also largely impacted. Villani discusses key stats about traveling during and after Ramadan.

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5 Ad Tech Stats that Stood out this Week

A report found that ad fraud had declined slightly since 2017, while three ad-tech startups raised nearly $100 million collectively in investment rounds. Criteo’s struggles continued, however, despite a 3% year-over-year revenue increase that failed to distract investors from its downgraded outlook. The 3% year-over-year increase was overshadowed by the company’s downgrade of its 2019 outlook. CEO JB Rudelle told investors to expect somewhere between flat growth and a 2% increase next year, down from earlier predictions of 3% to 6%. Criteo’s stock saw double-digit drops over the course of the day after the earnings report.

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Contextual Commerce – What it Really Means and 3 Reasons you Should Care About it

Many retailers still think of channels as discrete entities. They consider their physical store first, their digital store second and social and digital media as a supporting structure. According to ad tech firm Criteo, returning customers can account for two-thirds of a retailer’s profits, so there is value in focusing on loyal customers. Personalization does two things for consumers: it helps them feel that the retailer understands their needs and it helps them understand the retailer’s own values, personality and culture, as well as its new products and innovations.

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Criteo Reduces 2019 Forecast but Brushes off Potential Chrome Changes

Ronan Shields reported on Criteo’s Q1 2019 earnings. Speaking on the company’s earnings call, Shields notes that Criteo’s C-Suite provided assurances that the anticipated privacy-centric policy implementations from Google would not adversely affect the wider ad-tech ecosystem and that Criteo was working “hand-in-hand” with the online ad giant. The article also touches on Criteo’s “more modest approach to its 2019 outlook” and how it is based on the back of Criteo’s leadership recognizing that it requires more time to successfully sell its expanded product suite, which includes products beyond fits core ad retargeting services including more “upper funnel” products such as its in-app advertising plus app install offerings.

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Criteo Earnings Remain Flat as Browser Changes Spook Investors

AdExchanger reported on Criteo’s Q1 earnings. The article explains that while the core retargeting business outperformed forecasts, Criteo’s non-retargeting businesses, like in-app advertising and audience onboarding, aren’t growing enough to meet its targets. Hercher notes that Criteo needs to develop new revenue lines because the value of site cookies is declining and browsers like Apple’s Safari now block most user retargeting. “But Criteo has insulated itself from cookie and browser trends by strengthening its identity graph with non-cookie data,” JB Rudelle said, “like clients’ onboarding data or mobile device IDs, which come from its in-app ad business.”

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Criteo Earnings and Why You See Stuff You’ve Already Bought

George Slefo, Technology Reporter at Ad Age, interviewed Benoit Fouilland, CFO at Criteo, to discuss Criteo’s 2019 first-quarter earnings and the company’s future. In regards to Criteo’s results, Fouilland said, “Some of the new capabilities we are building to achieve our company transformation are going to take more time to yield expected benefits.” Ad Age also drew on the earnings press release. "While making progress on several priorities, we recognize 2019 is another transition year," JB Rudelle, CEO at Criteo, said in a statement. "We are working to make our go-to-market more scalable and drive higher profitability."

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How to Win Over Customers with Ad Tech

Greg Archibald, Criteo’s EVP, Americas, highlights tips for companies to market their brands successfully and the key characteristics of today’s shopping environment.

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Six Retail Recommendations for 2019 Shopping Season

To identify where retailers can improve their customer experiences, Applause conducted a detailed assessment of the functionality, user experience and omnichannel maturity of the top retailers across the U.S., U.K. and Germany during the 2018 holiday season. Bugs that slowed site performance were problematic and subpar mobile apps can also do a number on retailers. Mobile commerce has quickly become a key purchase channel for retailers. In fact, Criteo found that retailers with a mobile website and an app generated 67% of their sales from mobile devices. What’s more, Criteo found that apps drove 66% of all sales derived from mobile devices, making quality and user experience excellence all the more important for retail apps.

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What’s Happening to Brand Loyalty

Greg Archibald, our EVP of Americas, discusses the five key characteristics of today's shopping environment and how to gain and retain brand loyalty.