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The Black Friday Recap Edition

Thanksgiving and Black Friday saw more online shoppers doing their shopping on mobile than ever before. According to Criteo, 40% of Black Friday online purchases were made on smartphones this year.

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How to Profit as Black Friday Online Sales Jump 50% to Record High

The Street provides insight on how Black Friday online sales reached a new record in 2017 and features findings from Criteo, showing that 40% of online purchases were made on mobile devices.

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Holiday Mobile Purchases Set Record, Jump To Meet Search Growth

MediaPost shares a detailed look at sales data on Black Friday and highlights findings from Criteo, showing an increase in purchases from mobile devices with 46% of all purchases occurring on mobile phones.

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Even Fideo Gets Jammies This Christmas as Retailers Cash in on Trend

Retailers are doubling down on fashion trends and special gifting items for the holiday season, like holiday jammies. According to Criteo data, the trend might have already peaked, "family pajamas" ranked 937th out of 1,000 searched items in mid-November.

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Winning The Wallets and Hearts of “Omnishoppers”

John Roswech, Criteo's EVP, Brand Solutions, shares findings from Criteo's study "Shopper Story 2017” on how to improve the in-store and online experience, and provides insight on what omnishoppers want for this e-commerce season.

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Black Friday Sets Online Sales Record; Shoppers Spend up to $1M Per Minute

Online shoppers broke all-time online sales records on Black Friday 2017 and spent up to $1M per minute. According to Criteo data, roughly 40 % of Black Friday online sales were made on mobile devices.

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Online Shoppers on Black Friday Proved to be Among the Most Profitable Shoppers

Online shoppers on Black Friday proved to be among the most profitable shoppers. According to Criteo data, the average order value was slightly higher for this year’s Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Day shoppers spent $24 more than on an average website visit.

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Multichannel Merchant Explores Data from Criteo on Black Friday Sales

Multichannel Merchant explores data from Criteo on Black Friday sales, finding that the number of shoppers and purchasers were up 3.5 % and 12.5% respectively and that mobile devices drove 40% of revenue.

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Black Friday Online Sales in the US Surged to Record Highs in 2017

Black Friday online sales in the United States surged to record highs in 2017 and 40% of online purchases were made on mobile phones, up from 29% last year according to Criteo data.

In The News

CNBC Shares Black Friday Sales Data Findings from Criteo

CNBC takes a closer look at sales data on Black Friday and shares findings from Criteo, showing how transactions and number of shoppers increased as compared with the previous year.

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