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Criteo’s pitch to retailers: Sharing your data with other merchants can help combat Amazon

Highlights from Criteo's Q2 2017 earnings announcement and how the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem will produce more valuable data than any other retailer or website could generate on its own, helping retailers bolster their ad targeting.

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Criteo Reports Another Strong Quarter, With Revenue Increasing 33%

Eric Eichmann, CEO, meets with MediaPost's Philip Rosenstein to discuss Criteo's Q2 2017 earnings announcement and highlights that Criteo's strong focus on its technology and data are the key drivers for continued growth.

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Criteo S.A. Beats Expectations Again on Innovation, New Customer Growth

Steve Symington from The Motley Fool takes a closer look at Criteo's Q2 earnings and what should investors expect from the company going forward.

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CPG Ad Cuts Raise Tough Questions For Digital Media

The largest CPG brands in the world have adopted zero-based budgeting in response to slowing growth, cutting advertising costs and agency fees. Patrick Cartmel, Criteo's VP, Client Solutions, explains that Criteo benefits from this method because its revenue is tied to sales.

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Ad Tech Firm Criteo to Launch Data Cooperative to Help Retailers Take On Amazon

Wall Street Journal explores Criteo's strategy to build a high performing and open commerce marketing ecosystem to help retailers and brands.

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To Understand Customers, First You Need to Understand Their Device Graphs

Cross-device identity has become an essential foundation for ad targeting and device graphs are key to understand customers.

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There’s Now a Ridiculous Number of Companies Competing in the Hottest Area of Ad Tech

Header bidding is shaking up online advertising and has greatly evolved in recent years, leading to the emergence of more ad tech players.

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Amazon’s Prime Day Brought Buyers to Other Brand Retailers As Well

Street Fight highlights data from Criteo's Prime Day research telling how Prime Day has grown compared to last year and how has brought buyers to other brand retailers. Jaysen Gillespie, Criteo's VP, Analytics, Insight & Data Science, states that “it's clear that consumers express a general increase in propensity to purchase on Prime Day".

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Shots Fired: Retailers Take Aim at Amazon Prime Day

Major retailers and ecommerce sites are cashing in on Amazon Prime Day and experiencing an increase in website visits. Jaysen Gillespie, Criteo's VP, Analytics, Insights & Data Science, states that "Amazon Prime to some extent is lifting all the boats" as it is putting people in the mood to shop.

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Prime Day Retail Challenge: Join Amazon, Fight Back…Or Both?

Key industry leaders analyze in detail and provide insight into 2016 Prime Day, including Criteo's data on how ecommerce retailers saw massive increases at all phases of the conversion funnel.

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