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Retargeting Revives, As Criteo Turns In Another Strong Quarter

AdExchanger spoke with CEO Megan Clarken about the resilience of retargeting as well as our alternative solutions to third-party cookies, including our new contextual targeting product. The piece also notes our Q1 revenue was $541 million, a 7% year-over-year increase.

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Criteo a Winner on Wall Street as Online Advertising Platform Reports Earnings

CEO Megan Clarken joined Cheddar live to discuss our Q1 earnings results, highlighting the increase in demand we’ve seen and how we’re ahead of schedule when it comes to achieving our initiatives.

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Apple and Facebook Face off in an Epic User Privacy Showdown

Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons joined Fortune's Brainstorm podcast to discuss Apple's recent privacy update and what it means for ad tech. He discussed other effective ways of advertising to consumers without accessing the type of data that targeted advertising requires.

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Criteo’s Cookieless Countdown Includes New Targeting Tool

Adweek reported on our new contextual targeting solution that enables advertisers to target ads by combining first-party data with contextual signals. The piece includes commentary from Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons, noting the launch is an “industry-first” milestone.

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Back to ‘Normal’ Requires Omnichannel Approach

Rory Mitchell, EMD, Americas, spoke with Street Fight about how retailers can prepare for 'getting back to normal' in 2021 by leaning into omnichannel strategies.

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Cleaning Up the Programmatic Supply Chain

Len Ostroff, SVP, Global Supply and Partnerships, spoke with AdMonsters about how the wider industry can create a more transparent, sustainable programmatic supply chain.

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Criteo Is Ready to Test the Single Sign-on Software for Unified ID 2.0

AdExchanger highlighted how we’re currently testing multiple variations of OpenPass, the single sign-on (SSO) solution that will serve as the consumer-facing component of Unified ID 2.0., with publishers and users.

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WHM Spotlight: Criteo’s Megan Clarken

Campaign US interviewed CEO Megan Clarken in honor of Women's History Month, offering advice to other female professionals and highlighting our commitment to reaching full pay parity.

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‘This Isn’t an Easy Topic to Understand’: Google’s Identifier Forces Ad Tech to Make Some Hard Choices

Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons spoke to Digiday about our work to build an alternative identifier to cookies.

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What Google’s Latest Cookie Announcement Means for Top Ad-tech Stocks, According to Analysts

CNBC reported on Google’s announcement that the company would not build an alternate ad identifier for tracking, and what it means for the industry. The piece highlights how Criteo will continue to invest in our First-Party Media Network, cohort and contextual-based solutions.