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Criteo Earnings and Why You See Stuff You’ve Already Bought

George Slefo, Technology Reporter at Ad Age, interviewed Benoit Fouilland, CFO at Criteo, to discuss Criteo’s 2019 first-quarter earnings and the company’s future. In regards to Criteo’s results, Fouilland said, “Some of the new capabilities we are building to achieve our company transformation are going to take more time to yield expected benefits.” Ad Age also drew on the earnings press release. "While making progress on several priorities, we recognize 2019 is another transition year," JB Rudelle, CEO at Criteo, said in a statement. "We are working to make our go-to-market more scalable and drive higher profitability."

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How to Win Over Customers with Ad Tech

Greg Archibald, Criteo’s EVP, Americas, highlights tips for companies to market their brands successfully and the key characteristics of today’s shopping environment.

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Six Retail Recommendations for 2019 Shopping Season

To identify where retailers can improve their customer experiences, Applause conducted a detailed assessment of the functionality, user experience and omnichannel maturity of the top retailers across the U.S., U.K. and Germany during the 2018 holiday season. Bugs that slowed site performance were problematic and subpar mobile apps can also do a number on retailers. Mobile commerce has quickly become a key purchase channel for retailers. In fact, Criteo found that retailers with a mobile website and an app generated 67% of their sales from mobile devices. What’s more, Criteo found that apps drove 66% of all sales derived from mobile devices, making quality and user experience excellence all the more important for retail apps.

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What’s Happening to Brand Loyalty

Greg Archibald, our EVP of Americas, discusses the five key characteristics of today's shopping environment and how to gain and retain brand loyalty.

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Dynacraft Sees Strong Results with Improved Product Visibility

Dynacraft worked with advertising platform Criteo to launch a campaign using Criteo’s Sponsored Products in late summer 2018. This helped the brand drive incremental sales during a slower retail season and garnering valuable consumer insights ahead of peak holiday.

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Should You Be Building Progressive Web Apps?

Smartphone conversions lag behind all other devices with 2.03%. It’s not just conversion rates that are low either. There are also fewer pages looked at, which means engagement rates suffer on the mobile web too. It’s no wonder why businesses want to create mobile apps. According to a Criteo Mobile Commerce Growth report from 2017, mobile apps convert at a rate of 3x their web counterparts.

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Mobile Optimization: How To Make The Most Of Your E-Commerce Platform

There were, as of 2018, some 230 million smartphones in the U.S., among 327.2 million people. Instagram research showed that 84 percent of smartphone users examine products via a browser or mobile platform, and according to Criteo, 36 percent of the online sales made in the fourth quarter of 2017 came courtesy of mobile devices, up 16 percent from two years earlier.

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Mobile App Users Are Key to Amazon’s Success

Business Insider explores how mobile commerce is expanding, citing data from Criteo's Q2 Global Commerce Review that reveals mobile web was the most popular channel for e-commerce transactions in the Americas among retailers that actively promote their shopping apps.

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Consumers Point to Facebook As Their Top Digital Channel for Discovering New Brands

Five of the top nine digital channels shoppers are using to discover new brands are social media platforms. About 49% of the 1,000 shoppers surveyed for Criteo's Why We Buy report indicated they discover new brands through Facebook.

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Retail Apps: How to Calculate ROI

The vast majority of time spent on mobile devices is spent on apps. According to Criteo's Q4 2017 Global Commerce Review, native retail apps generated 66 percent of all mobile commerce revenue — twice as much revenue as mobile websites.