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44% of U.S. Video Viewers Say Streaming Ads Have Influenced Purchases

MediaPost reported on our latest survey on consumer streaming habits and how CTV ads influence purchasing decisions. The survey confirms that many viewers enjoy the ads that they watch, and often search for the products to purchase.

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Criteo’s CEO Adds Another Feather in Her Cap as Diversity and Inclusion Champion

CEO Megan Clarken sat down with Yahoo! Finance for an interview on her leadership approach as well as her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout her career.

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Best Buy Signs on to Criteo’s Retail Media Network

MediaPost reported on leading consumer electronics retailer Best Buy joining our retail media ecosystem and platform.

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Criteo Tests Google FLoC, Crosses Paths With Yandex Trials

MediaPost reported on the results from our FLoC origin trial. Key findings include that Chrome is not the only browser generating FLoC cohorts; FLoC was never trialed at scale; and that FLoC’s volume is not representative of the global Chrome user base. The piece also notes how drawing any meaningful conclusion from these results will be challenging.

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Criteo Sees Ad Revenue Rebound, and Reshapes Its Pitch as a DSP and SSP Hybrid

AdExchanger reported on our Q2 earnings results, highlighting our YoY revenue increase of 26%, our booming retail media business, and how 60% of our audiences now come from direct supply-side integrations. The piece also highlights how we’re positioning our commerce media platform and viewing ourselves as a hybrid DSP-SSP.

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Criteo Names Nola Solomon As Senior Vice President, Go-To-Market

MediaPost reported on the appointment of Nola Solomon as Senior Vice President, Go-To-Market. The piece highlights how Solomon will be tasked with ensuring alignment of the product strategy with the needs of our customers and partners.

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5 Things Brands Need to Know About Finding the Right Retail Media Network

Tim Rogers, SVP and Global GM, Omnichannel and CRM, spoke with Adweek about the rise of retail media networks and criteria brands should consider when investing in specific networks.

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The Online Advertising Industry Reacts to Chrome’s Cookie Deprecation Delay

Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons spoke with AdExchanger following Google’s announcement to delay the phaseout of third-party cookies.

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Prime Day Boosts Ad Spend on Other Retail Media Networks

Adweek included commentary from Tim Rogers, SVP and GM, Omnichannel and CRM, in a piece on Amazon Prime Day, highlighting how brand marketers are spending more money to get in front of Amazon shoppers looking for deals.

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Shopping Returned to Pre-Pandemic Levels in May

MediaPost highlighted our omnichannel survey results in a piece about how shopping returned to pre-pandemic levels in May, specifically noting how U.S. in-store sales transactions increased 8% in May compared with February 2020.