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First-Price Auctions: A Key Piece of The Transparency Puzzle

MarTech Advisor includes commentary from Marc Grabowski, EVP, Global Supply on Google’s move from traditional second-price auctions to a first-price auction and how it affects the greater ecosystem as a whole.

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Black Friday Going Global, Criteo Reports

Jaysen Gillespie, VP head of analytics and data science, breaks down the data behind major shopping holidays in the U.S. and worldwide.

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What Advertisers Really Need to Know About Deep Learning

Adweek features a byline from Romain Lerallut, VP and Head of Criteo AI Lab, highlighting deep learning as a tool for real-time decision making in digital marketing. The piece digs into the realities and implications of deep learning, offering advertisers more perspective on the newest member of the AI family.

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Baby Boomers Are Less Likely Than Millennials to Order Groceries Online

Criteo’s CPG survey is included a piece that dives into why baby boomers are less likely than millennials to order groceries online.

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Survey: Boomers Don’t Say ‘OK’ to this Grocery Service

Data from Criteo’s CPG report is cited, highlighting the generational differences among consumers using online services for grocery delivery

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Is Singles Day the Next Prime Day for US Brands?

The Drum published a byline on how retailers and brands are increasingly activating around Singles Day, attributed to Jaysen Gillespie. In the piece he dives into the four pros and four cons for companies to consider when deciding how they might tap into the major Chinese shopping holiday.

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‘She Gets Stuff Done’: Why Criteo Tapped a Nielsen Vet to Turn Around its Business

Digiday reported on the appointment of Megan Clarken to role of CEO, highlighting her history in the industry and her projected role in the company. It quotes JB from yesterday’s call, as well as other industry insiders who are familiar with Megan, while also speculating about the potential for Criteo to expand more into TV advertising.

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Why We Need to Continue the Fight for an Open Internet

AdWeek published JB Rudelle’s declaration for an open Internet.

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Walmart Relaunches Online Toy Lab

Retail Dive cited, and linked, Criteo’s Toys “R” Us report in a story to show that former Toys “R” Us shoppers favor Amazon with the retailer gone, followed by Walmart and Target.

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Kellogg’s, Fox, Toyota, HP: The Drum Digital Advertising Awards US 2019 Awards 2019 finalists

The Drum announced Criteo as a finalist for its Digital Advertising Awards for “Most Effective Use of Data.”