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What Black Friday 2017 Tells us About Ecommerce 2018

Internet Retailer shares a detailed look at 2018 ecommerce predictions, highlighting Criteo findings around Black Friday that show 40% of online purchases were made on mobile phones.

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Amazon Sells CPGs On Alexa Tie-Ins; Checking In On Ad Tech Headcounts

According to Pivotal Research Group, Criteo will be one of the fastest-growing ad tech leaders in 2018 with a growth rate of 23%.

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Forecast: Ad, Marketing Tech Cos Fare Well In 2018

Criteo is featured on the list of ad tech companies that will have a good year in 2018, according to predictions from Brian Wieser, Senior Analyst at Pivotal Research Group.

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Personalization & Machine Learning in 2018: From Comms to Content

MarTech Today features findings from IDC's White Paper sponsored by Criteo “Can Machines be Creative? How Technology is Transforming Marketing Personalization and Relevance”, highlighting the power of machine learning to achieve personalization at scale and cut through the clutter.

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5 Ecommerce Trends Everyone Should Pay Attention to in 2018

Adweek takes a closer look at the top five e-commerce trends to watch for in 2018. Jonathan Opdyke, Criteo's Chief Strategy Officer, provides an overview on why voice shopping will grow in popularity this year.

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Eight Trends in Commerce and Digital Marketing to Look Forward to in 2018

Martech Series presents Criteo's eight trends and predictions that will shape Commerce Marketing in 2018, which includes the battle for video and the blurring between social media and commerce.

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After-Christmas Shopping May Yield the Best Bargains

Consumer Affairs explains why the week after Christmas might be the best time to make purchases, featuring Criteo findings that show a spike in consumer electronics sales right after Christmas.

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CE Prepares For Post-Holiday Sales Spike

John Roswech, Criteo’s EVP, Brand Solutions, examines consumers’ online habits and highlights the reasons behind the high demand in consumer electronics after the holiday season.

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Retail’s Great Equalizer in 2018? Big Data

Greg Archibald, EVP, Americas takes a closer look at the importance of big data in the evolving retail industry, highlighting that brands and retailers that leverage data collaboration and personalization will have a better chance at thriving.

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2017: The Year Identity Changed Everything

MarTech Advisor examines this year's most notable events in digital advertising and shows findings from Criteo's study with Forbes Insights, “The Commerce Data Opportunity: How Collaboration Levels the Retail Playing Field,” revealing that 71 % of brands and retailers are being part of data cooperatives.

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