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Too Much Programmatic Still Targets Devices, Not Users

Marc Grabowski, Criteo's EVP Global Supply and Business Development, offers a deeper look into programmatic digital display and cross-device marketing.

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The Great Ad Tech Cleanup

Terence Kawaja, Luma Partners' founder and CEO, shares a detailed look at the consolidation of the ad tech space and highlights Criteo as the only public ad tech company that will have an I/O media model by the first quarter of 2018.

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3 Things Mobile Marketers Must Know Ahead of the Holidays

Mobile Marketer features data from Criteo's “2017 Enlightened Holiday” report and provides recommendations for mobile marketers to place their companies in a position to win the holiday season.

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5 Ways Technology Is Transforming the Grocery Industry

As a result of the evolving consumer landscape and the rise of some retail giants, many grocery companies are stepping up their investment in innovation and technology advances. The Street shares data from Criteo's research study in collaboration with Forbes “The Commerce Data Opportunity”, showing that nearly four out of five brands and retailers consider customer data key to their strategy.

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How Hotels Can Help Drive Direct Bookings in 2018

Offering more competitive pricing or better loyalty programs is no longer enough for hotels to compete with online travel agencies. Retargeters and advertising technology providers like Criteo are playing a major role in helping hotels drive direct bookings and capitalize on new opportunities in the marketplace.

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Criteo’s Eichmann Wants To Help Retailers Challenge Amazon

CEO Eric Eichmann highlights the benefits that the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem brings to brands and retailers and how participating in the ecosystem allows marketers to band together to achieve the necessary scale to compete with giants like Amazon.

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Data and Collaboration Will Win the Omnishopper

Mollie Spilman, Criteo's Chief Operating Officer, shares insight into the evolving retail landscape and highlights data as the key element for brands and retailers to reach, know and inspire their customers in the new "omnishopper" world.

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Apocalypse for Online Search? Here’s How Marketers Can Thrive

The online search market continues to evolve and expand, bringing big opportunities for marketers to stand out from the crowd and thrive. Criteo provides recommendations on how brands should adapt their search advertising strategy for the future and diversify their marketing efforts.

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Mobile Users’ Mixed Feelings About In-Store Shopping

According to Criteo's study "Shopper Story 2017", US smartphone owners have a love-hate relationship with retail stores. eMarketer highlights main findings, uncovering that mobile users have mixed feelings about in-store shopping and that many would prefer to do all shopping online.

In The News

Criteo Unveils New Products for its Commerce Marketing Ecosystem

MarTech Advisor explains the value of collaboration and power of data of the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem and analyzes the role that Criteo's new solutions —Criteo Audience Match, Criteo Customer Acquisition, and the expansion of Criteo Kinetic Design- play as key elements in the continued growth and evolution of the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem

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