Vibram is a world-leading Italian manufacturer of soles and footwear known for its performance compounds, as well as its FiveFingers minimalist shoe. Vibram is a global business with presence across the US, Europe and APAC. Since partnering with Criteo in early 2017, Vibram has been successful in driving sales and constantly increasing their online retail revenue.

One of the main objectives for Vibram in 2018 is to maximize brand awareness by bringing relevant shoppers to the website and converting them into brand new customers. To help them engage with a wider audience, drive more traffic and generate revenue from new customers and lapsed visitors, Vibram decided to try Criteo Customer Acquisition as part of the team’s new customer acquisition strategy.


Criteo’s Commerce Marketing Ecosystem includes more than 72% of global online shoppers and empowers retailers and brands to identify and target highly relevant shoppers. By taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Criteo Customer Acquisition, Vibram was able to boost brand exposure, increasing audience reach by 21x and driving a 32% increase in impressions and 19% increase in clicks back to the Vibram website.

Criteo Customer Acquisition dynamically identified and targeted potential new customers for Vibram based on individual shopping patterns, product interests and purchase intent, driving more than 11% of the total sales generated by Criteo since the product was launched.

Thanks to Criteo’s machine learning technology, unique shopper-scoring techniques and ability to distinguish new from existing customers using our shopper-focused identity graph, Vibram is now able to discover and target shoppers with the highest propensity to convert for their products, resulting in 13% increase in overall sales.

How it works:

  • Foster maximum engagement by analysing aggregated shopping and browsing events across a pool that covers 72% of the world’s online shoppers, only targeting highly relevant shoppers with a high propensity to convert.
  • Apply a unique score for each shopper with the highest propensity to buy by granularly distinguishing new shoppers from existing customers across devices, browsers, and apps with Criteo’s shopper-focused identity graph.
  • Deliver user-centric personalized product recommendations by applying Criteo’s proven product recommendation and machine-learning technology across your acquisition campaigns at a granular shopper-level.
  • Benefit from a performance, CPC-based, acquisition solution and drive maximum ROI, paying only when relevant prospects engage with your Criteo Customer Acquisition campaign.
  • Enjoy superior campaign performance as a result of extensive shopper reach, continuous shopper understanding, mass personalization at scale, and unparalleled publisher reach.


  • 13% increase in sales
  • ~21x greater audience reach
  • 32% increase in impressions
  • 19% uplift in clicks

“Criteo has been instrumental in helping us boost sales thanks to its unrivaled understanding of our customers’ journey and shopping patterns. Including Criteo Customer Acquisition in our marketing mix helped us get a head start in reaching our 2018 objective of increasing our brand awareness by boosting audience reach by more than 20 times already. This has had an instant impact on our revenue, with more than 11% of the total sales coming from Criteo Customer Acquisition.”

– Michael O’Brien, Senior E-Comm & Digital Manager North America, Vibram Corporation


Increase in sales


Greater audience reach


Increase in impressions


Uplift in clicks