The 6 Best Quotes from the Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum in NYC

The latest, greatest Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum happened on May 10 in New York City. It was a beautiful day in the Big Apple, and we were thrilled to welcome ...
Updated on September 16, 2020

The latest, greatest Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum happened on May 10 in New York City. It was a beautiful day in the Big Apple, and we were thrilled to welcome over 300 guests to the stunning venue, Cedar Lake in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The agenda was jam-packed with content that covered the current and future state of retail, from how brands can leverage data to what they can learn from digital-first startups. Here were our favorite quotes from the Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum in NYC.

1. “In a world of artificial intelligence, more data wins.” — Jonathan Opdyke, Criteo.

Jonathan Opdyke, Chief Strategy Officer at Criteo spoke about how commerce is the next big emerging field in digital marketing — and about the power and potential of data collaboration.

Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum

While more data opens up more possibilities, he took time to remind the audience that GDPR is on the horizon and that: “With big data comes bigger responsibilities.”

2. “What we want to figure out is: What do we want to lease, and what do we want to build?” — Kris McDermott, Resolution Media.

Kris McDermott, Group Director at Resolution Media spoke about the challenge of figuring out when to create things in-house versus when to partner with others.

Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum

Often, the benefits of smart collaborations can outweigh the cost (both in dollars and manpower) required to build things from the ground up — especially when it comes to data.

3. “To me, the best expression of loving a brand is: Did you buy it?” — Bonin Bough.

Disruptive innovation speaker, author, and entrepreneur Bonin Bough gave an energetic presentation about how brands can win among rising shopper expectations.

Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum

He went on to describe the opportunity to connect with consumers who are now “…letting us into aspects of their lives that are deeply personal…hopes and dreams,” asking the audience: “How can we play in these most intimate channels?”

4. “People are our priority.” — Chieh Huang, Boxed.

The CEO of Boxed, Chieh Huang told the story of how the business started from humble beginnings, and how the wildly successful company still places a high value on taking care of and recognizing the team. A supportive culture is core to Boxed, and most of the leadership is promoted from within.

Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum

Throughout his presentation, the audience enjoyed bits of his infectious humor, like this gem: “What’s the difference between inlaws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted.”

Later, he told a funny anecdote about a heartfelt moment at a company party — one that he initially feared might end disastrously due to its inauspicious beginning, since: “Nothing good has ever come from someone saying: Hold my drink. Watch this.”

5. “In a world where everything can be measured, attention to detail is important.” — Greg Skipper, Criteo.

VP of North American Sales & Account Strategy at Criteo, Greg Skipper moderated a panel featuring an all-star lineup of innovative startups: Bombas, SiO Beauty, Rhone, and M.Gemi. When it comes to addressing different customer needs across touchpoints, the panel agreed: There’s no excuse for a lack of personalization.

Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum

SiO Beauty Founder Gigi Howard told a great story of how she called an unhappy customer (at home!) to talk her through the right way to apply her products — and even followed up with her the next day. Talk about customer service.

6. “Reaction speed is everything. Your reaction speed to change is what will determine your success.” — Ken Hughes.

Awesome speaker and an expert on shopper psychology, Ken Hughes was as engaging as ever, and his presentation did not disappoint. He discussed how today’s “blue dot consumer” wants personalization, contextual communication, authenticity, and experiences.

Criteo Commerce Marketing Forum

Hughes also addressed that in the current commerce climate, it’s essential to innovate quickly to meet rising shopper expectations (not to mention the competition). He wrapped up by adding that, indeed: “No presentation is complete without a cat video.”

For more on the Criteo Commerce Marketing Forums, check out what happened at the London edition.

Michelle Pruett

As Global Head of Content at Criteo, Michelle leads a high-performing, multi-disciplinary team of marketers packaging insights, copy, design, and video into integrated campaigns. Her own writing has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, AdWeek, eMarketer, and more. Before joining the ...

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