At Criteo, we pride ourselves on having a pretty fun office environment. Pool table? Check. Video game area? Check. In-office scooters? Check. A gorgeous rooftop for office happy hours? Check, check, check.

But don’t take our word for it. The real test of how fun our office is? If it can keep thirty kids happy for a full work day.

Criteo Bring Your Kids to Work Day

If the Bring Your Kids to Work Day we hosted recently is any indication, the answer by all accounts is “Yes!” On April 27, Criteo had 30 mini-Criteos, ages 18 months to 12 years old, to our New York office for a full day of fun, games and of course, pizza.

Starting with an office tour hosted by various volunteer Criteos, the day began with a little survey. What is it that Criteo does? Do the kids know what their parents did? We taped some of their responses and the results are charming, creative, and hilarious.

While we celebrate our superstar colleagues every day on the job, the kids created their own superhero brands during a Workplace Experience-led arts and crafts hour. Then it was time for pure fun. The kids dined on pizza and the various snacks Criteos always have on hand before settling down for the afternoon Criteo matinee: Disney’s “The Incredibles.”

If you ask both parents and kids, the hours flew by, and for the majority of the kids, a day spent at their parents’ work was way more fun than a day spent at school. It’s not a competition, but we’re not complaining either. Looking forward to seeing more kids at our next Bring Your Kids to Work Day!

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Betty Ho

Originally from Orange County, CA, Betty moved to New York in 2013 for a two-year creative writing program and never left. When not writing for Criteo Insights she can be found at a handful of $1 Oyster Happy Hours in Manhattan. She loves dogs but doesn’t have one.

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