Criteo Celebrates Pride Around the World

June was Pride Month and at Criteo we wanted to let our employees know that everybody is welcome as they are, regardless of sex, gender and sexual orientation. We kicked off our Pride celebrations with conversations about diversity, movie screenings, and company parties, giving everyone the chance to participate and share their perspectives.

Criteo also participated Pride Parades in Barcelona, Boston, and Paris, where with our employees, friends and families all go together to march in celebration of everyone’s individuality!

Here are pictures from the event from our offices: 

Pride Boston

 Boston Pride Parade

Pride Barcelona

Barcelona Pride Parade

Paris Pride Parade

Our Workshops

In addition to representing Criteo at different Pride Parades around the globe, we hosted workshops, panels, and info-tainment sessions in our offices.

Workshop at Criteo Madrid

Celebration at Criteo São Paulo

Panel at Criteo Barcelona

Panel at Criteo New York 

Pride & Progress

Criteo Cares, the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Criteo, has expanded our online portfolio to include trainings on diversity as well as regular programming that teaches new perspectives. For Pride Month, we launched awareness campaigns that included testimonials from our very own employees speaking honestly about what makes them feel accepted and on what can be done to create a more inclusive workplace.

Our employees are encouraged to join the #lgbt Slack channel where we will continue the conversation on how to build a strong, diverse community within Criteo. We plan to run ongoing activities to not only spread awareness but to change any behavior that does not encourage acceptance and tolerance. Pride Month was a great time to kick off these initiatives and we plan on using that momentum to keep pushing forward –  because we celebrate all of our employees at Criteo and, at the end of the day, every month is Pride Month.

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