Criteo Celebrates World Environment Day

Updated on September 15, 2020

Last year, Champions of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, Criteo Cares, voted to select a single event that Criteo would acknowledge and celebrate worldwide in 2019. We chose World Environment Day which is today.

The choice of World Environment Day clearly reflects the interest and concern that our employees have for the planet. This global celebration was planned with the help of so many Criteos,  people who share the same passion and who, through different activities, want to be part of the solution.

Our IT department raised awareness about what actually happens with our laptops, phones, cables and other electronic devices when we no longer use them.

For the past few years, Criteo has partnered with the NGO called Close the Gap. We donate our electronics which are then sent to schools in developing and emerging countries where they help children to receive an education or are used for social projects.

We’ve also taken a deep look at the impact that our company travel has on the environment and come up with a tangible way to measure our air travel pollution. In celebration of World Environment Day, we wanted to find a way to offset our emissions for this special day. We have committed to planting 773 trees, the number of new trees needed to make this day carbon neutral 12 months after planting.

Creating awareness around how we impact the environment is one thing but creating behavioral change is the most important part. As part of our ecological footprint awareness campaign we launched the C R I T E O  green guide which outlines five simple steps we can all take to a more sustainable life style.

Every office now has the opportunity to share their best practices on a wiki platform and learn from each other’s initiatives. We have also extended our digital learning trainings to include environment topics so we now have the possibility to take courses on how to act to mitigate climate change.

All the local events, organized by employees themselves, will hopefully give the last push to raise awareness and change behavior. Workshops around Zero Waste in Paris is just one example of the great initiatives available in our offices. Being a green champion has never been so easy at Criteo!

There is always more to do and we will continue to take action. Criteo is part of the pilot project being led by Salesforce to adopt an app which will allow us to get an overview of the whole carbon footprint of the company. This will allow us to Unlock a cycle of continuous improvement on environmental sustainability performance.

Parallel to this our aim is to release a strategic sustainability plan, which covers our data centers, travel and offices, to imbed environment in the scorecard of how we measure our success in future.

Our 2018 CSR report contains an overview of our carbon emissions and Environment actions for the past 12 months. It will always be a “work in progress” challenge for everybody. The first step is to read and analyze our data, be transparent about it and then take action!

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