Expedia invented online travel. And over the years they’ve helped millions of people complete bucket lists, expand horizons, create unforgettable memories—and make the farthest reaches of the world accessible.

But it’s a competitive marketplace where customers have many options. To stay successful, Expedia has kept the customer at the heart of their innovation and turned to data science as a way to better understand each traveler. Gabriel Garcia, Global Head of Mobile Marketing & App Ecosystems at Expedia, explains, “We’re focused on machine learning algorithms and creating consumer behavior models that identify patterns. That allows us to know when to present the right set of options in the right context and at the most meaningful time.”

It’s a big world out there, but through the intelligent use of data, Expedia is helping customers get to where they want to go with speed and ease.

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Kelsey Wahl

A Buffalo native, now living in Brooklyn, Kelsey is a content marketer who also enjoys teaching yoga, going to the movies, and searching for NYC’s best chicken wings. She loves animals and has to resist the urge to adopt every cat and dog she sees.

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