How Feira da Madrugada SP Stays Connected with Customers

For resellers, finding inventory can be a challenge. Here's how Feira da Madrugada became one of Brazil’s main channels for retailers.
Updated on September 29, 2020

For resellers, finding a safe and reliable source of inventory can be a challenge. Feira da Madrugada SP has become one of Brazil’s main channels for retailers to source products from São Paulo’s untapped Brás and Bom Retiro districts. These downtown districts have an abundance of bulk products, but many resellers are wary of venturing into the area.

Feira da Madrugada SP was born more than seven years ago to fill that gap. Founded by CEO Jeferson Ivo, he sought to open up this market to bulk purchasers, resellers, and wholesalers. With 40,000 customers and growing, Feira da Madrugada SP has been highly successful.

Jeferson shares more about how Feira da Madrugada SP launched to meet this underserved need with Brazilian resellers.

Can you tell us about Feira da Madrugada SP?

Feira da Madrugada SP’s most captivating aspect is that resellers can safely and easily buy quality products on a single site. Unfortunately, nowadays, the main shopping centers in São Paulo do not have effective security, and they require a lot of time to go there, choose products and be able to resell them. With us, our customers know that they can buy as much as they want, anytime, with no minimum purchases and at the same wholesale prices as the regions already mentioned.

Our main objective has always been to improve on bulk prices and expand product varieties within central São Paulo’s major hubs. We coupled all of that with extremely efficient delivery times. Our team ships packages within 24 business hours of payment approval.

In our 7+ years of history, our most unique aspect is this differential service, which always aims to satisfy our resellers, and give them more time to spend with their families. All this convenience and practicality makes us special in the mind of each partner.

Can you tell us about some recent wins that you’ve had in the last year?

The main goal we have achieved in the last year is the opening of our new office. We carefully and exclusively designed it for the well-being of our employees, and I confess: Criteo was one of our inspirations in this new environment.

This aims to give Feira da Madrugada SP more of a digital face and modernize our operations and relationships within the workplace… It was hard and tough, but with a lot of dedication now it’s a reality!

Speaking of Criteo, how did you start working with us?

I discovered Criteo through the thousands of ads you produce on various platforms. I found Criteo’s model very interesting and I clicked on the icon that is always on the righthand corner of each ad to find out which company it was. After that, I began investing in Criteo’s ad solutions and I’ve never stopped.

How important is Criteo in driving website sales?

Today, Criteo is one of the main sales and marketing tools of the business. I believe it is of paramount importance to always stay connected with our customers and even create a close relationship. Whenever a customer is browsing the web, we can trust that Criteo will be there, showcasing our brand.

The power of branding and value creation, as well as reminding the customer of what they like, we believe is the main factor in betting so much on this partnership.

How does Criteo’s Accelerate team help you with campaigns?

The Accelerate team is always available for any issues and even suggestions for improvements in our campaigns. This trust that exists between both parties is an indicator of our excellent relationship, which is why we think twice about evaluating other market tools.

Have Criteo’s campaigns impacted your business, beyond just sales?

Since it was activated, we noticed an increase in engagement of our website, also it has contributed to an increase in our marketing share. Another interesting point is that the campaign has helped us with the development of branding and brand recognition, which has created a feeling that Feira is always with our leads and clients at any moment of their consumer journey.

How do new tools and products help you develop your business?

New products always give us a different view of re-marketing and even help us reevaluate strategies that may or may not be important for sales and building business relationships. We are always willing to face new challenges, innovating each day, so examining new tools is always a part of our philosophy.

Personally, I enjoy spending time on systems development, new project, and product management. I always try to stay up to date in every area, from service and logistics teams to top management.

What are you most excited about for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

We expect to achieve the goals set in our annual planning and especially to beat sales compared to Black Friday 2017.

What do you think every business should be thinking about?

An important tip for most companies is always to stay grounded and draw dedication and commitment from the entire organization. One of the differences today in our internal environment is the good relationship and integration between the teams. This makes all the difference when the business needs it most!

The spirit of teamwork and especially senior management working side-by-side with their subordinates always enhances the success of any online store or digital business.

Gabriele Dane

Gabriele is a product marketing manager focused on celebrating Criteo’s customers and their successes. Her work has been featured in Nieman Lab, Quartz, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Money, and Mashable. She enjoys geeking out over digital trends, data science, and well-placed Oxford commas.

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