An Enlightened Festive Season

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12 Trends to Watch, 12 Tips to Increase Sales

What’s in store for Festive Season 2017? We know it will break all records for ecommerce and that it's important to get plans for commerce marketing solidified early. Let us enlighten you.

days until Nov 24

Black Friday

days until Nov 28

Cyber Monday

days until Dec 25

Christmas Day

days until Dec 26

Boxing Day

"During the 2016 Festive Season, 1/3 of all ecommerce shopping on weekends was completed on mobile phones."

"Nearly 60% of shoppers think it's important to be able to start an order in one channel and change or complete it in another."

"On average, omnichannel purchasing paths are 41% longer than single-device, analytics reveal."

"63% of shoppers say they like to shop online at new websites."

Criteo's new Shopper Study shows that 72% of shoppers "prefer to do as much shopping online as possible."