The Criteo Ad Platform: The Power of Tech Giants, for Businesses of Every Size

The Criteo Ad Platform fits the needs of a one-person ecommerce shop just as well as a multinational enterprise. Learn more in this video.
Updated on September 30, 2020

When marketers are thinking about how to run their ad campaigns, they have a lot of choices. There are dozens of channels, hundreds of platforms, and even more ways to spend money. Since 2005, Criteo has been a leader in the display advertising and retargeting space – ever since being founded in 2005 in the back of a Paris salad shop.

Fifteen years later, the market is a lot different and a lot more crowded. But the Criteo engine behind all those ads is just as good as ever. With 20,000 clients worldwide, we win 90% of head-to-head tests against competitors and have around a 90% client retention rate.  That’s why the Criteo AI Engine was ranked the #1 AI-based solution for marketing and G2 Crowd users chose Criteo as the best cross-channel advertising solution.

We’ve made major upgrades to our platform experience over the years.

With the Criteo Ad Platform, we wanted to make sure that running an ad campaign across news websites, publishers, social channels, and more was as simple as clicking a few buttons. We wanted to offer marketers a solution with a price that was flexible and adaptable, fitting the needs of a one-person ecommerce shop just as well as a multinational enterprise.

“Managing Criteo is really easy,” Laura Dudragne, head of acquisition at Birchbox, said about the platform. “We have a great ROAS and ROI with a low time spent on the platform.”

How does all that work together today? We built a video to explain:

Want to learn more? Take the full platform tour here

Blaise Lucey

Blaise has helped Fortune 500s and start-ups build comprehensive content marketing strategies from the ground up. He loves figuring out how technology can tell better stories and foster relationships.

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