Pet Supply Consumer Trends, Q2 2022: Dog Diapers, Aquarium Decor, and Cat Gear 

Online sales of pet supplies are up across multiple product categories – and Criteo commerce data shows what's trending. Get the insights.
Updated on November 16, 2022

The global pet care market is expected to hit 261 billion dollars in 2022 and to grow by 6% every year for the next five years.1 That’s a huge opportunity for businesses to meet rising demand for essentials, like pet food, and at the same time, develop new products for pet owners, like interactive treat-dispensing dog toys.  

During the peak of the pandemic, we reported on the rapid rise of pet supplies. More than two years later, one thing’s still certain: Consumers love their pets – and they’re spending like it, too.  

Consumer Trend #1: Pet adoption is up. 

Criteo commerce data suggests that online sales of live animals recently jumped, with double or even triple-digit year on year increases in many countries such as the UK, Japan, Australia, and the US. 

Our data also shows that dog houses were the runaway winner, with notable sales increases across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas. 

Also in APAC, online sales of dog diapers were up by more than 300% in April, indicating that a large share of pet purchases were linked to man’s best friend.2   

Consumer Trend #2: Aquatic life is thriving. 

Criteo commerce data shows that for the month of April, online sales of aquarium-related products saw a boost. APAC consumers were especially keen on spiffing up their animal interiors: Sales of Aquarium Décor, which could be anything from plants and rocks to miniature gazebos and ornamental logs, more than doubled compared to a year ago: 

In APAC, small animal habitats and cages did well, with sales doubling across the region. In Japan, sales more than tripled. Back in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, we reported that online sales of small animal supplies were spiking. For 2022 consumers – now well-adapted to life-from-home but perhaps without the room needed for larger animals – a hamster, guinea pig, ferret, or even a chinchilla might be a good fit.2  

Consumer Trend #3: Cat supplies are on the rise. 

Not to be outdone, cat products made a solid showing. APAC led the pack in cat supplies: Sales of cat food, cat furniture, and cat litter all saw year over year increases. Sales of cat beds did particularly well, doubling in Australia and Japan in April 2022.2 

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1Global Market Insights, 2020 forecast:
Criteo Data, Global, based on total web sales seen for a given product category compared to one year prior.

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